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Individual action is important but we need companies and organisations to also make a real effort to change their ways and greener.

Large or small, Lambeth Friends of the Earth are willing to engage with those willing to change. We can provide help and advice and provide contacts to those looking to become a pillar in their community through sustainable actions.

Campaign Aims

  • Support local businesses to transition to environmentally sustainable

  • Celebrate and promote local businesses environmental achievements 

  • Create links between local businesses and organisations that can help in
    their transition

Our Business Campaign aims to work with a diverse group of businesses and assist and support where possible their transition to more environmentally practices

Things we're Currently Doing

  • Identifying and celebrating local businesses that are demonstrating environmental actions

  • Linking with Business Improvement Districts in Lambeth to better understand how we can provide support

  • Researching a range of resources that are available to businesses that will enable them to become greener

Want to work with us?

Are you looking to volunteer with us as an individual?

Sign up to our network or check out our Do-It profile for further vacancies

Are you a business or local action group and want to collaborate with us?

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Actions Lambeth Council are Taking

Lambeth 2020 Vision

Sustainable Growth

National Friends of the Earth

Ethical purchases in the UK are valued at £38 billion, according to the 2016 Ethical Consumer Markets Report.

This market has grown for 3 consecutive years so there has never been a better time for businesses to join the ethical movement.

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