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Tackling the climate emergency is an important goal for both Lambeth Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Earth nationally.

While the climate crisis gains traction around the world we look to how we can make a change locally through collaborating with other action groups and ensuring Lambeth Council are doing the most they can.


Through our newly formed Policy Research Team we are looking to help Lambeth become greener and more receptive to the ongoing crisis.

Watch this space for further updates.



Climate change has become a climate crisis. We have a huge task ahead of us. Homes, transport, businesses and other institutions across Lambeth produced nearly 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2018. We need to reduce this significantly if we are to play our part in avoiding catastrophic rises in global temperatures. We also need to make sure all of Lambeth's communities can adapt to the impacts of climate change, including increased risk of flooding, heatwaves and air pollution.

That's why, as one part of our local fight against climate change, we launched the Lambeth Climate Action website earlier this year. We want to get Lambeth talking about the urgent crisis we are facing, the impacts it will have on our borough and communities, the inspiring local solutions that exist already, and ideas for a greener, fairer economy.

This website is an opportunity to contribute to the evidence base and ideas that will be considered by the citizens' assembly and in the development of Lambeth's borough-wide climate action plan. It's also a chance to find out more about the amazing climate action already taking place in Lambeth, and suggest ways we can all work together to maximise our impact.

Please visit the site, share your views, and help us spread the word so we can reach every community in Lambeth. The web survey will be open for responses until end Oct/early November.

Kate Hogarth, Climate Change Programme & Partnerships Lead at London Borough of Lambeth


Lambeth Citizens Assembly on Climate Change

Air Quality

Carbon Neutral Council 2030




Our planet is warmer now than at any point in the past 800,000 years, and heating fast. This is mainly a result of the huge increase in the amount of coal, oil and gas we’ve been burning since the industrial revolution, pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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