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Trees are vitally important not only for air quality but also climate change, mental health and biodiversity.

In order for us to have a positive effect, we need to work together with local action groups, parks, Lambeth Council and individuals to make sure that our borough continues in a positive way and we continually strive for action.

Campaign Aims

  • Increase green cover in London, specifically Lambeth

  • Improve transparency and awareness of policies for urban greening

Our Trees Campaigns aims to provide help and guidance on how to take individual and community action enabling green cover to increase in Lambeth.


Things we're Currently Doing

  • Digesting Lambeth, London and the UK's policy on tree planting, improving green cover and enabling action on such matters.

  • Reaching out to local and regional action groups to look at how we can better collaborate

  • Looking at how we can better engage with schools and businesses to incorporate improving green cover into their practices 

Want To Work With Us?

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Are you a school, local action group or business and want to collaborate with us?

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National Friends of the Earth

Trees play an incredible role in combating climate chaos by removing planet-wrecking emissions from the air around us.

Despite their importance, just 13% of the UK’s total land area has tree cover (compared to an EU average of 35%).

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